Activating the Rainbow Light Body: A Chakra Balancing Intensive

with Trish DeRocher

This workshop will be held in-person at the Chace Mill. All are welcome, no prior yoga experience is necessary.


“Chakra” loosely translates from the Sanskrit as “wheel of light.” The seven chakras commonly discussed in yoga are by no means the only chakras, but they are the central ones located along the spine. When they are balanced and activated, our inner circuitry is aligned for us to begin the journey inward and to pay more attention to our subtle energy, which activates what some people refer to as our “light body.”

This one-day somatic-based intensive offers a deep-dive into the seven major chakras while guiding participants through body-scanning, visualization, pranayama, asana, and mantra techniques. These somatic tools will be accompanied by an overview of each chakra and their accompanying signs of imbalance to demystify the process of working with these energy centers.

The workshop will culminate in a nourishing, chakra-focused group Biofield Tuning session, a sound balancing modality that uses tuning forks to bring the body back into vibrational alignment. Participants will receive a Chakra Balancing Guide for continued reference to the tools and practices we will be working with throughout the workshop.

This workshop counts as 6 hours towards the 300 Hour Teacher Training Program. 

August 7, 2021