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The Breath and The Nervous System: An Exploration of Partnership

How does breathing influence our nervous system? And how can we use the nervous system to influence our breathing?

Join Julia O’Shea, Respiratory Therapist and Kaiut Yoga teacher, for a discussion on how breathing and the autonomic nervous system work together to bring balance into our lives. In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals of breathing, the mechanics of breathing in relation to our modern way of living, and the biochemical influences of the breath on our bodies.


There will be a restorative Kaiut Yoga practice with cues to guide the practitioner to connect to their own unique breath, as well as breathing practices to help calm the nervous system.


All are welcome to join! This workshop will be offered in-person at the Chace Mill and virtually.

December 17, 2022

$25/$20 Cosmic Members

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