bhumika patel


Bhumika started out doing yoga with her mom every Sunday morning, preferring a yoga mat in place of jungle gyms and swing sets. Infusing a Hindu background within an asana practice, she aims to take the emphasis off the physical achievement of poses, and rather, allow breath, mantra, and mental stillness to lead the way. To encourage the seeds of awareness and spirituality within students, Bhumika uses pranayama techniques and playful asana flows to bridge breath expansion with the body’s innate wisdom. Each yoga practice is a chance to slow down enough to strengthen self-connection that can then be taken with you off the mat and into the communities you are a part of. With gentleness and compassion, Bhumika teaches classes hoping to bring out the voice of the teacher within.

With a passion for wellbeing and helping others thrive, Bhumika hopes to combine this ancient knowledge with something that we all share: our health. Seeing yoga as a way to move the neuro-musculature of the human body toward  balance, yoga classes emphasize the body’s inherent ability to heal and sustain wellbeing. Cultivating self-compassion and love on the mat can lead to rippling effects outward into our surroundings, making this world a better place, one practice at a time.