It’s a pleasure working on yoga photography with Lauren Storer, loloyogini. We conducted this interview to learn more about Lauren, one of our favorite local photographers behind the LRY lens.
1. Is there an overlap between your yoga practice and your photography?
They are one and the same for me. Both require devotion, focus and a willingness to meet myself or the day/shoot/models exactly where they are.

 Not needing to force or change anything, just working with what is and trusting that magic can be made from whatever that starting point is.


2. What is one secret to taking a great photo?
One secret, I guess for me it would be dropping into the feeling of the moment. If I can do that then the photo just naturally happens. It’s very much about being intensely present.

3. How would you describe your work?
My work is clean, honest and ethereal. These are the qualities that describe the working of my mind and the way I experience life. I feel like they translate directly into my art which for me is the goal, I want my art to introduce you to the deepest parts of me.
4. What is your favorite yoga pose?
All things yin. But really, a wide legged childs pose for 5 minutes and my mind just settles. It’s the absolute best for me.
5. What inspires you?
Anyone brave enough to turn towards themselves with curiosity and dive deep in search of truth. It takes dedication and a warrior heart to turn in because it’s not always pretty. To me, watching someone take the smallest step in that direction is the most inspiring thing I can imagine.
6. If LRY is your studio of choice, why?
Yes, it’s been Laughing River since I started practicing. I think I’d been searching my whole life for a place to feel safe and accepted. This is where the unfolding can happen. Every grateful for the community and home that lets me show up however I’m showing up, with Unconditional Love. 
7. Anything else you’d like us to know about loloyogini?
You can find more of my work at or on insta @laurrenstorrer. My greatest pleasure in life is to share with others how I see so please don’t hesitate to follow along!!!