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Befriending Yourself through Yin Yoga, Pranayama, & Meditation

with Kate Floyd 

This series will be held online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link. 


In this 4 week series we will explore boundless connection and nourish our inner-most being with self-love. The yin practice teaches us in real time to become more adept at abiding with our unique experiences in the entire body. Classes will be sprinkled with pranayama to encourage a state of wakeful and calm energy. Guided meditations will invite students into the depth of their wholeness, already present yet often buried beneath. In sum, the series will open you to the infinite power of embodied self-love, a tool that offers healing time and again off the mat and in our days. 

February 25-March 18, 2021


4 Weeks/$49

$13 Single Class/10 Class Card/Unlimited