Ayurveda, Ritual & Restorative Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

In this day & age, stress and anxiety are something almost every single person experiences. The wisdom of Ayurveda & Restorative Yoga can help support us in creating a state of balance in the body & mind. We will discuss the ancient Vedic wisdom of Ayurveda (the science of life), the 3 Doshas (body consititutions), and learn the practice of Dinacharya; morning ritual to cleanse your senses that offers an incredible sense of grounding and entering a new day, a big offering to self.

We will work with restorative asana postures that ease the Vata energy that is often very high when we feel stress & anxiety. This means cultivating more earth, water & fire elements in the body: lots of props & support, lots of ease & cultivating mental clarity, lots of warmth. We will practice stabilizing pranayama to build our reserves of energy.

November 21, 2021