Awakening the Inner Flame: 5 Week Series 

with Brian Tobin 

In this five-week series, we will explore activating the inner yogic fire to preserve joy, mental clarity, and peace as we move into winter and the darker period of the year.  Each class will include physical asanas, mantras, pranayama (breathing techniques), and concentration techniques.  These techniques will help awaken tapas, or heat, to burn away mental impurities and stagnation. 


We will focus on exploring the seven major chakras of the energy body as we progress through the series.   Each class can be taken independently, but the classes will build progressively.  Come and be within our sacred community space and awaken your light as we move into winter.

This 5-week series will be offered live & live-streamed from the Chace Mill. 

November 11-December 16

5 Weeks/$69

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited