Asana as Origami 

with Lauren Godes 

This 4-week series will be held online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link. 


Origami is the art of paper folded to create a specific shape. Origami is technical. There are specific techniques that are used to get to a desired shape. Asana is the practice of folding the body to create specific shapes which require specific techniques. While the paper is explicit, flat with a front and a back, once it is folded into a shape like a cup or a boat, it becomes implicit with a front, back and inside. This folding allows the magic and potential of the paper to appear.

Looking at Asana as Origami for bodies, the body like the paper is manipulated and folded to create a shape. We can apply specific techniques to find each fold in the posture and use measure to find how we can fit ourselves to find the form. The magic of both the explicit form and the implicit, interior of the forum can then be explored.


Bring your ideas and questions about postures that you find challenging and we will explore them together
Some props could be helpful in this series: a couple of blocks and blankets and a strap or belt.


The concept of Asana as Origami is the brain child of Nevine Michaan who is the founder of Katonah Yoga.

February 2-23, 2021



4 Weeks/$49

$13 Single Class/10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited

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