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Yoga Anatomy

***Each Workshop counts as 3 hours towards the Laughing River Yoga 300hr Teacher training Program.


Take a deeper dive into Yoga Anatomy in this 4 part class series! Students can attend and pay for all 4 workshops OR register for individual workshops.


Explore your amazing body design, learn more about your feet, knees, pelvis and shoulder through movement, yoga, dialogue and study. In each workshop of this series, you will learn basic anatomy, embody this knowledge through yoga asana practice, and be guided through self reflection and Q & A to better understand your own body’s structure and wisdom.

Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions about their related anatomy, injury of that body part or yoga practice in relationship to that body part so we can explore together best healing, alignment and practices for optimal wellness.

Session (3) Saturday March 9, 2024

The Pelvic Puzzle

This session will explore the positions of the pelvis, its affect on postural alignment and how it plays a main role on the center of gravity for movement. Anatomically, the pelvis connects the upper and lower body. Energetically and physically, the pelvis is the location of the 2nd chakra (Svadhisthana), and all the organs that create life and eliminate what is not needed or used by
the body. Basic pelvic anatomy will be presented in this class.

Session (4) Saturday April 6, 2024 

Shoulders: Sculpt Your Pose

This session will explore how “sculpting” our shoulder movements and using proper alignment in a yoga practice is adance between effort and surrender, both physically and emotionally. The shoulder is one of the most flexible and mobile joints in the body. Where there is mobility, there is less stability. Learning about your shoulder anatomy and it’s unique design can support healthy movement, optimal strength and help to prevent or heal from shoulder injuries. Energetically, our shoulder is a part of the 4th chakra in the subtle body: Anahata. The shoulder is an extension of our heart center. The area of love, vulnerability and courage. It’s an area that is important to support and protect, as well as express and trust. 

These workshops will be held in-person at the Chace Mill. 

Saturday March 9, 2024

All 4 $190/$51 per session

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