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aisling badger



Aisling is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher and clinical holistic herbalist. She began practicing yoga in 2008 when studying herbalism and nutrition, realizing that ultimate wellness is an interdisciplinary journey. It wasn't long before she recognized the spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits of regular asana & meditation practice. 

Aisling believes that the body is our own best teacher. She weaves in the practice of yoga on and off the mat to help people connect the dots between all the facets of their life: food and the support of herbs, how we are moving our bodies, how we are breathing, how connected we are to nature and understanding how our beautiful body and the emotional system works. 

Her yoga practice has allowed her to approach life as a continual work in progress, to live more mindfully, and find ease and joy in the present moment.   

Aisling's passions are plants, sunshine, generosity & play. 

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