UNPLUG: Help us to maintain a sacred space by leaving your cell phone in the check in area, turned off. The studio is meant solely for the practice of yoga, a place where you can rest from the business of daily life. Your phone can wait!  Checking facebook or text messages before, after or during class is distracting, both for you and other students.  The rule also applies to teachers, although they may use their phones as an ipod to play music during class.

SECURE: Bring valuables inside. There are hooks located next to the props for easy storage.

FEEL YOUR FEET: Yoga is practiced barefoot. If you have a special condition that requires shoes, make sure that the soles are clean.

SPEAK UP: Please let the teacher know if you are working with an injury or if you prefer not to be assisted.  We are happy to provide modifications where needed and to keep our hands off if you prefer.  Start the dialogue.  Using your voice and communicating your boundaries is great practice.

WELCOME OTHERS: Make room for your friends.  Some classes get crowded and some students arrive just on time.  Part of practice is being kind to others.  If the class is crowded and you can make a little space next to you, please move over for your friend. This will create good karma.

ABSORB: Stay for savasana.  This is where your body and mind get to absorb all the good stuff.  Don’t skip it.

PROPASANA: Tidy up after class.  We love props as much as you do and we especially love when they all fit where they belong.  Please make sure to fold blankets neatly and place all props back in their homes with awareness and care.