We had a wonderful weekend at Dreaming Mountain during the Fall Equinox Yoga and Relaxation Retreat 2013. Gratitude. Here are some images and insights from our time together. Learn more about JaneYoga retreats. DM2013 property - fallequinox
1.  Observing the Fall Equinox, and the other changing seasons, is an auspicious time to observe changes within and to honor our connection to the world that we’re a part of.
DM2013 pond - fall
2. Practice gratitude that all things change. Practice gratitude for the abundance in your life, for the people who love you, for your health and sentience.
DM2013tree pose- fall
3. At Fall Equinox, the sun and moon are in perfect balance, each in the sky for 12 hours. This is an opportune time to manifest balance in your life.
DM2013 sunrays,sideplank,stonewall - fall
4. Practicing yoga postures stokes agni, digestive fire within which leads to physical transformations.
5. Participating in a fire ceremony shows a willingness to honor the transformative element of fire, to burn away fears and to pave the way for new resolves, as a phoenix rises from the ashes.DM2013 fire- fallequinox
6. Yoga is a practice. Find a daily or weekly practice you can devote to that will help you keep your fire alive from summer through the dark days of winter.
7. Fire and yoga help us to shine light in the dark and move beyond the limitations of the physical mind to higher consciousness.
DM2013 sunlight meditation - fall
8. Silence is the greatest teacher. Practice tuning into silence, in nature if possible, over and over again returning to an empty state of mind with relaxed breathing. In this stare of non-doing, listen to the wisdom and messages within you and around you.