We’re honored to have JoAnna B. Easton as part of our yoga studio community. This February JoAnna is our student of the month. Here’s a little about why we think she’s so special. JoAnna wrote this response to some questions we asked to get to know her better. Thank you JoAnna for being you!

“I started practicing yoga in college in the 70’s, so over 40 years ago I took my first class. Though my asana practice waxed and waned in intensity over those many years; I have steadily maintained a meditation practice.
In the recent 10 years, my practice has deepened significantly both at home and in the studio, on and off the mat.

Laughing River Yoga is my studio of choice for so many reasons! First I feel that the teachers at LRY embody yoga without pretense. For me, this is especially true of Emily, but I have taken classes with almost every teacher at LRY and feel that each of them carry the intention of creating a safe and open place to practice without distracting ego games. I also feel that the studio is designed around the full reach of an authentic yoga practice: asana, pranayama,meditation, contemplation and activism are all integrated into the vibration of the studio.

Finally, I have continued to grow and develop as a yogini with every class and each encounter at LRY. The space is beautiful; the river sings, the teachers sparkle, the community is terrific.

I practice yoga to create more freedom in my mind and body and to open energetic channels in support of my growth and health. Also, as I am in a healing profession, I want and need to nourish myself so that I can bring a high level of clarity and energy to my work without depletion. Yoga addresses the physical, mental and spiritual as an all encompassing practice – I love to study it, move in it and sit with it.

I completed my teacher training in 2011, not in an effort to become a teacher, but rather to deepen my practice and be more fully immersed. However, after attending a hiking week at Cold River Camp in the White Mountains last summer, I was asked to teach/lead a yoga week there this summer. This and [the LRY] invitation to feature me is so meaningful because it signals that the yogini in me is becoming visible! No doubt, the mothering and professional aspects of my life are lived “out loud,” yet daily – quietly, I live and breathe as a writer and a spiritual being – perhaps this is coming more and more to the surface with age?”

[In JoAnna’s free time, you might find her] “writing poetry, taking photographs, preparing and eating Indian and Mexican food. I love to do all of those things and to be in the beautiful, silent Vermont landscape with my dogs, Hendrix and Rumi.”