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A Poem: Returning to Sun

Part of a poem by Haven Trevino We spring forth from the ALL fed by the light, clothed in matter, sculpted by streams of inspiration….


Quinoa Salad for Spring

Here’s a healthy and yummy recipe for spring that aids detoxification and helps boost immunity as we change seasons from winter into Spring. Thanks for…


My iPod is my Mirror

I had a sort of frustrating experience while teaching a class. I spent a good part of my morning putting together kick ass music mix…


No one is free until we are all free

Guest Post by Laughing River Yoga instructor Lindsay Foreman, co-founder of Center for Mindful Learning I’m writing in response to Laughing River Yoga’s tenant, “No…

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5 tips: Create the Life You Want

-Inspired by Brian Tracy, written by Jane Yoga Manifestation requires your consistent focus and belief.  You can use yoga, meditation, visualization, and affirmation to concentrate…


Bridges by Rachel Daly

Bridges: A Guest Post by Rachel Daly In the couple weeks since my graduation from the YTT program, which began 9 months ago, I’ve been seriously…


108 Sun Salutations: Yoga Mala

Join us for 108 sun salutations for the protection and preservation of the Amazon & its indigenous tribes. December 15th 10am- 12pm at Laughing River…


The end of the journey…

The end of the journey brought me to Finisterre – the end of the earth, where the physical meets the spiritual!  I’ve been blessed with…



Walked into Santiago with a group on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013. 34 days of walking side by side with myself and others. It has been…


Reflections of Wonder Woman

Can you tell that his t-shirt is a reflection of  me?!!!!  Another unsolicited tale of transformation on the Camino. This beautiful young man from Barcelona…


LRY Video: Who We Are

Laughing River Yoga studio in Burlington, VT made this video for you to discover more about us, and ultimately, to deepen your own self-discovery. Click…



Absolutely magical town of Molinaseca…a vision after coming down from the majestic mountains. Yesterdays trials have melted into today’s joys. Follow Jane on her trek…

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Gifts enough for all

I have met so many angels on this journey. Yesterday morning, Hudy from Australia embraced me with gratitude for being hers. There are gifts enough for…


The trek continues…almost to Santiago

I have now entered the last region on the path – Galicia. Beautiful mountains with rolling hills.  stone buildings everywhere. 83.2 miles to Santiago. Wow! Follow…


Pilgrim Sculpture

The pilgrim sculpture with windmills in the background leaving Pamplona. That was a couple if days ago. Today we walked 28.6 km to Logrono, a…

Running of the Bulls

Running of the Bulls

You’ve heard of the running of the bulls. I was caught in the running of the sheep today. Magnificent landscape. Very hot but lovely shade tree…

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8 insights from the Fall Retreat

We had a wonderful weekend at Dreaming Mountain during the Fall Equinox Yoga and Relaxation Retreat 2013. Gratitude. Here are some images and insights from…



First Laurie had hers attended to by Gannie, the Italian master, who is on his 9th Camino pilgrimage. Then I had my 4 blisters attended…


Leaving Pamplona

The shell guides us on the path. Beautiful day of walking in the warm Spain sunshine. Bountiful I am. blissful I am. Beautiful I am….


Can you find my bed?

So here is what the Aubergues looks like that we sleep at. I’m in bed number 43. Pretty wild. This one is called Jesus y…



I started the Camino on Friday from St. Jean Pied du Port – August 23rd, my 59th birthday. Traveling via 2 planes and 3 trains…


Follow the Trek

Follow Jane Michaud through on her trek from St. Jean, France into the Pyrenees (on foot), beginning on her 59th birthday. ABOUT JANE MICHAUD (KARAMBIR…

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How important is the guru?

I asked Yogiraj Prem Prakash, “How important is the guru? The great texts speak of a transmission of energy and a required guru for awakening….

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Lessons from the Road: Go

Keep going. Although your body and mind may wish to quit during long stretches of road or life, great distance can be covered through tenacity….

False Mirror

Who do you judge?

written by Emily Garrett How do your actions contribute to other’s suffering?  Let’s be real here.  No matter how polished your yoga practice is and…

Road Trip_Tunnel

Lessons from the Road

For twenty-six days of July, 2013, Ben Lanza and I drove across the Continental United States and back. The reason for leaving Vermont and heading…

Danny Morris at LRY

LRY Video: Awareness

Danny Morris, former yoga instructor at Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, Vermont speaks about yoga’s capacity to build awareness of body sensation, and how this…