Healthy Hips: An Exploration of the Pelvis

May 2- June 13, 2016: When the pelvis and pelvic floor are aligned and healthy the pelvic organs function more efficiently and vitality streams more freely through the whole system. In this six week series we will spend time exploring the pelvis in an effort to find natural alignment, while we learn to relax what is tight and to strengthen what is weak.

Mens Yoga

Men’s Yoga Series

May 3-June 7, 2016: Explore the fundamentals of yoga and how it relates to the male body. This is your opportunity to explore how yoga can help you feel better physically, increase energy, heal old injuries, and help you do the activities you love with more ease and freedom.


Cancer Informed Yoga Teacher Training

May 13-15, 2016: Explore how to teach yoga classes for women living with breast cancer. Hosted by bodhi & mind yoga, registered yoga teachers will learn the tools to comfortably and safely work with women in any stage of breast cancer treatment and recovery.


Sangha Ride: a Pre-Wanderlust Event

May 14, 2016: Join the founders of LRY for a fun and inspired bike ride from the studio to Oakledge Park, where we will close out the morning with a group mantra meditation. Start with us at the studio or join us along the way. Everyone is welcome for this fun and free community event inspired by the Wanderlust Festival.

jane joyful movement thumb

Tap into Flow- Joyful Movement off the Mat

May 21, 2016: To liberate the creative life force within you, called prana, this playful afternoon movement-inquiry weaves together inspired warm-ups, Tai Chi, yoga, music, and intuitive movement. Tap into the sacred pulse moving through all things and increase your energy as we head into Summer. Joyfully build heat and then deeply restore in ambient savasana

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Celebrating the Sun

May 22: This class will have a moderate pace and will use the Tantric techniques of asana, pranayama, mudra, banda and meditation to embrace and strengthen the link to our vital inner life force, helping us to blossom and to celebrate our physical aliveness and subtle awareness.


Santosha Saturday

May 28, 2016: Join Miv London at Laughing River Yoga for Santosha Saturdays, a karma yoga class. These complimentary monthly classes are an offering from our hearts to yours in the spirit of bright community

Childs Balasana

Introduction to Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

June 5, 2016: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, or TRE®, is an innovative series of exercises that helps the body release deeply held tension, stress, and trauma. TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension and calms down the nervous system. TRE® is being taught in 35 countries and is being studied by the Veterans Administration.


Yoga and Meditation Intensive

June 12: The purpose of Asana (yoga postures) is to prepare the body for sitting meditation. Yet, due to our busy lives, meditation practice often gets left out. This workshop will provide the experience of yoga asana, sitting meditation, walking meditation and time for quiet. Participants will be asked to observe silence in order to provide a container in which one can experience the calm presence of mindful awareness.


Aging Well Workshops

June 26: Using the Core in Daily Life
July 24: Balance and Alignment
August 21: Tension and Relaxation

No experience needed – everyone is welcome.


Thai Yoga Massage for Couple’s

July 15 + September 2, 2016: Couples gain experience exchanging an intentional, harmonious, feel-good Thai Yoga Massage. The Thai Yoga Body-worker practices meditation and metta, loving kindness, while working with the energetic pathways of the receivers body. Thai Massage aids spinal health, flexibility, relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, boosts the immune system, relaxes the mind, and re-balances the energies of the body. This will enhance your yoga practice, communication, and massage techniques as well.


Jill Satterfield Immersion

October 7-9, 2016:
Laughing River Yoga is excited to welcome back Jill Satterfield for a weekend immersion.
Details + Registration Coming Soon!

Cancellation policy: Once you have purchased a workshop there are no refunds. We offer you studio credit with at least one week's notice of cancellation. Workshops are transferable to another student.