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Buddha Body Yoga Series

January 6- February 10, 2015: Have you been hesitant to attend a class because of your weight, body shape, or doubt in your ability to practice poses the “right” way? If so, this class is for you!


Yoga for Women of Color Series

Jan. 18 2015 – Feb. 22, 2015: Designed to nurture your whole being on both an individual and collective level, this series will give you the tools to experience joy, wholeness and liberation in your breath while you receive healing, empowerment and transformation in your body.


Practice Mindfulness

January 19- February 23, 2015: This series will be an exploration of mindfulness in sitting, movement and life. The primary theme will be deepening your connection to self and the world.


Santosha Saturdays

January 31, 2015: Santosha Saturdays: These FREE classes are an offering from LRY to you in the spirit of bright community. Classes will be taught by one or more teachers and each will have a specific theme.


Core Empowerment Workshop

February 1, 2015: This workshop is designed to empower you with deeper neurological core connection. Through simple micro movements and focused awareness we will “awaken” deep core support, and then continue with a strengthening asana practice which will target and fortify that connection.


Partner Yoga + Thai Massage

February 14, 2015: Valentine’s Workshop: Get to know yourself and partner better. Practice cultivating intimacy, healing touch, and communication. Experience the outstanding benefits of gentle yoga stretches and simple Thai massage techniques, including calm and happy body and mind.


Buddha Bodies II

February 17- March 24 2015: Expect to connect with your own strength while practicing yoga in an environment that is safe, nonjudgmental, and addresses your needs. This class is appropriate for beginner Buddha Bodies who are willing to learn on the fly.

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Life Force Yoga

February 22, 2015 In this workshop we will create a safe container in which we explore traditional Yoga practices such as asana, pranayama, chanting mantras, visualization, and meditation, with the intention of clearing inner obstructions that keep us stuck in negative moods.


Creating Daily Practice and Pranayama

March 15, 2015: In this workshop we will delve into the details of how to design daily home practice and how to incorporate more advanced Hatha Yoga techniques into your practice

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Posture Lab

March 16- April 20, 2015: In this six week series we will work together to deconstruct the alignment of basic asanas. Students will experience how proper alignment creates more steadiness and ease in the body and breath.


Yoga for Seniors

March 29, 2015: Intro to Yoga for Seniors Workshop: Come learn some basic yoga postures and how to use props for support.
March 30- May 4, 2015: Aging Smart with Yoga Series: In this 6-week series, learn tools and strategies to support a quality of life that includes cultivating patience and joy, maintaining confidence, and aging gracefully.

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Intro to Core Series

March 31-April 28 2015: This intro series will teach you gentle to vigorous techniques that will help you build strength in an accessible, non-intimidating way.


Hathavidya – Energetic Living through Asana, Pranayama, Chakra, Bandha & Mantra

April 10-12, 2015: Hathavidya is a school of thought comprised of the yogic principles evolved from the teachings of Will Duprey. A comprehensive practice unlike any other, over the course of this weekend we will use physical postures, breathing techniques and sacred sound to purify, empower and uplift the spirit toward clarity as we elevate the human experience. This workshop has limited space and is open to those who are currently teaching yoga or who have been through the Laughing River Yoga 200 hour teacher training program.


Unwinding Chronic Tension

April 26, 2015: In this workshop take your sweet time to sink into the root of habitual tension patterns. Explore ways to dissolve defensive patterning as you slowly and diligently melt away the many layers of tension accumulated in the neck, shoulders and jaw.

Cancellation policy: Once you have purchased a workshop there are no refunds. We offer you studio credit with at least one week's notice of cancellation. Workshops are transferable to another student.